Rajapakses’ relatives - two ace rogues now hiding in the US after robbing billions caught on camera in Atlanta!

(Lanka e News – 21.July.2018, 11.45PM) Another two close crooked relatives of the notorious corrupt Rajapakses, namely Jaliya Wickremesuriya the ex  Sri Lankan  ambassador to US , and Lieutenant Colonel  Prasanna Wickremesuriya the ex chairman of Airport Aviation  Co. who are hiding abroad  evading arrest despite warrants issued on them by courts based on charges of misappropriation of public funds during the nefarious  decade of the corrupt Rajapakses  were spotted at a party in Atlanta , USA recently. The photo herein bears testimony.

It is of course an undisputed universally  known  fact that while every member of the Rajapakse family is corrupt or a criminal, every other relative of theirs too is a notorious crook . But  since many may not know the blood relationship between these two rogues evading arrest and the Rajapakse brigand , we deem that we shall be  failing in our duty if we don’t reveal the crooked connections.

Kamala Wickremesuriya the  youngest daughter of Mahinda’s uncle (father’s elder brother ) D.M. Rajapakse is the mother of the two aforementioned crooks Jaliya and Prasanna. That means crooked Mahinda and his brothers are their uncles. That is , birds of the same feather robbing the country together connection has been confirmed  !

When  Mahinda is  boasting  loudly that he can get down to SL  another rogue Udayanga Weeratunge in hiding who is also his relative, the next question that ought to be asked from Mahinda (the Alibaba – chieftain of the rogues ) is , whether he will get down Jaliya and Prasanna  too who are ‘buddies of the same feather who were all robbing together ?’

The FCID of the police  filed a case against Jaliya (a  member of Alibaba and family thieves) in the Fort magistrate court , Colombo based on charges of misappropriating  US dollars 332,000 during the buying new building for the SL embassy in America in 2008.

The modus operandi …

The SL foreign affairs ministry disbursed US. dollars 6.6 million to purchase a building for the SL embassy in the US , and that transaction was negotiated through a broker.

After the purchase of the building , the broker had revealed ,a sum of US dollars  332000 .00 is remaining as balance. During investigations it came  to light Jaliya had instructed the broker Co. by e mail message  to release this sum as commission to an  American Co. which helped. At  the same time by  another e mail message , the Co. to which the commission was paid  was requested by him to release those payments to ‘Ceylon Royal  Tea Pvt  . Ltd .’ and ‘P.P. International Pvt. Ltd.’

In compliance with the request in the e mail message of Jaliya , the American broker Co. has released the entire sum of US dollars 332000.00 to the two companies -‘Ceylon Royal  Tea Pvt  . Ltd .’ and ‘P.P. International Pvt. Ltd.’

Ceylon Royal  Tea Pvt  . Ltd . is a company belonging to Jaliya.  The ‘P.P. International Pvt. Ltd.’ Co. too had disclosed the sum received by them was also collected back  by Jaliya .

On 2016-11-17. Jaliya was arrested at the Katunayake airport , and was produced before the Fort magistrate court the following day when he was remanded on the orders of  the court.

Jaliya who made a request to travel to America to take medical treatment was granted permission by court in 2017 taking into consideration his eye ailment. Jaliya who crept into America deceiving courts and the country never returned to SL.

Though a condition was imposed that he should be present in court on 17 th November last year , because he was absconding , an open warrant was issued against him. So Jaliya who robbed public funds to the tune of over  Rs. 53.1  Million public funds  in broad daylight is now in hiding despite the warrant .

Are the law abiding Sri Lankans in Atlanta accepting such an outrageous  rogue and rascal ?

Prasanna who is the younger brother of Jaliya (in the photograph) is no better.  Prasanna was the chairman of Airport Aviation Co. during the most corrupt crooked regime of Rajapakses . Being relatives of equally crooked Rajapakses , like how the Rajapakses fled  after driving the country to the brink of bankruptcy , Prasanna too no sooner the Rajapakses were thrown out lock , stock and barrel than he fled to America taking with him all the  gold , gems and valuables confiscated by the Customs which were in the safe , after completely emptying the safe. Until today , it had been   difficult to finish assessing the massive  amount of valuables robbed by this member of the Alibaba and den of thieves.   

The crucial question is , are the law abiding Sri Lankans in Atlanta accepting these confirmed rogues  even after knowing their putrid antecedence ?

(Prasanna in left circle and Jaliya in right circle in the picture )


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