P.M. and Speaker urge president ‘don’t destabilize the country’ –UPFA resigns ; President told not to split UNP !

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Feb2018, 11.45PM) Following discussions held by the president with Prime Minister (P.M.) and the speaker , the UPFA officially announced on 18 th night that it is leaving the consensual  government . The official communique states consequent upon this change , the president is taking steps to  obtain the opinion of the Supreme court (SC) as regards appointment of a new P.M.

At the president –P.M. –speaker discussion ,the president had revealed that the UNPers have told him there must be a change in the UNP , and if Ranil Wickremesinghe is remaining as P.M. , the UPFA had informed him they have to  leave the consensual government. 

The P.M. and the speaker in response had said , they too are aware that a change should be effected  in the UNP but that cannot be done in a hurry in this situation . They had also pointed out, by the president making such reckless moves the UNP is going to be split ,which will only operate to the advantage of Mahinda Rajapakse and none else. The president had then asserted he has no need at all to form a government along with Mahinda Rajapakse. 

Though the president had earlier requested Karu Jayasuriya to accept the post of P.M., Karu who is always  gentlemanly had declined  the offer .  

Earlier on the president had sought the advice of the Attorney General (A.G.) prior to the discussions ,to change the P.M.  But the AG had advised him that the president cannot change the P.M. , and it can only be done if the P.M. resigns of his own accord or on his demise, under the constitution .

In the end , the earnest request of P.M. and Speaker to president was think in the national interest and  not to destabilize  the country thereby creating  chaos and confusion at this crucial moment. As the rupee value is declining every day , and if this situation is to continue the  country will be plunged into irretrievable economic  despair , they have pinpointed. The Central bank governor too had joined in the discussion via phone. The Governor said the economy is on the decline day by day . However it appeared the president did not have much understanding on that. Neither did he show any  concern for the impending disaster. 

The president who is the SLFP and UPFA  leader said, he cannot control the UPFA , and if Ranil is to continue as P.M. they would be  resigning  from the government, and that group is seeking an opinion from the SC pertaining to changing the P.M.  In any event , about 8  UPFA members will not resign from the government , the president disclosed. In any case  it was very clear it is the president who is behind the communique. 

The term of the consensual government agreement has ended under  the law. If the UNP officially withdraws from the consensual government , it can still continue with the  the government under a UNP P.M. , while showing  a majority after limiting the cabinet to 30 members. If that happens the SC can do nothing. The president of course can all along hinder and hamper the government thereafter. 

Meanwhile following the indication that a request is going to be made to the SC , Priyantha Jayawardena a SC judge is always in the house of Basil Rajapakse . The new appeal court president  justice Priyantha Padman Surasena is also spending his time these days at the Paget Road residence of the president, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

By a special correspondent

Translated by Jeff 

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