Latest ‘Judarse’ beats Judas in betrayal..! Sirisena in league with Rajapakse rogues ; First resign and wallow in people’s despair !

-Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News -25.Nov.2017, 11.50PM)  ‘The time has arrived to those who are still thinking that Maithripala Sirisena is the president  of good governance of 2015-01-08 , to divest themselves of that misconception .  He is an ungrateful double faced double dealing villain who says one thing, but does the very opposite. Hence directly  action must be taken to defeat his crafty aspirations .The  pro good governance forces that  elected him to power on 2015-01-08 must rally together and get ready  to serve him and the confirmed  Rajapakse crooked scoundrels with the same dose of medicine. 

This is because it is certain Maithripala Sirisena will at a not too distant date join hands with not only the Rajapakses but any anti national lethal destructive force in order to perpetuate  his power going by his putrid antecedence  . That is ,  Maithripala  after becoming president on the votes of the pro good governance masses on 2015-01-08 ,  by July 2015 like a chameleon changed color to join with the racist forces to contest  elections   under the common  list .Hence those who think Maithripala will have a sense of shame and will not repeat that same betrayal in three years, are political ignoramuses.’
The aforementioned revelation  was  published in our article captioned ‘Enough is enough! Don’t expect feathers of good governance from an overturned Maithripala tortoise ! Identify the faceless, policy less, power crazy creature !’ written by this same writer in October .
On the  23rd   of November (night)  , by the SLFP group of Maithripala and the racist crooked group  of Rajapakses taking a decision to contest the forthcoming local government elections jointly , the dire prediction was  proved 100 % true.
What is most significant to note in this despicable and disgraceful betrayal  scenario is , though the Rajapakses were inclined to contest the elections alone , it is none other than Maithripala Sirisena the shameless opportunistic politico who went begging and crawling on all fours  to the Rajapakses , thereby demonstrating to the whole world he is an adherent of  his  own  despicable ‘hopper theory’ which has taught him all the low breed traits of a slave. 
Maithripala Sirisena has by now  without any qualms  kicked out  the people’ s referendum of  2015 -01-08 on which he was  elected to power based on 6.2 Million votes of pro good governance masses , meaning that he has displayed to the world he is even worse than a piece of stinking excreta meriting  nothing but disdain and rejection.

Following his betrayals and chameleon traits coming to light  , it has now become crystal clear who was shielding and safeguarding the confirmed corrupt and the crooks all these days. It has also become clearly manifest why  UNP the main party which installed him in power, the Civil Organizations and social media were maligned , mud was slung  at them and banned.

What ‘s more ! he has most brutally stabbed Chandrika Kumaratunge in the back who reposed  implicit faith in him. It is fortunate most Ven. Sobitha Thera who made an invaluable contribution to make Maithripala the president died prematurely , otherwise Maithripala would have not hesitated to  slit his throat too  literally and metaphorically if he was living. 
It is an incontrovertible fact  , Sirisena will go down in the annals of political history as a leader who committed the worst betrayal Sri Lanka had ever known. Being born shameless and most unscrupulous , earning that stigmatic discredit may mean nothing to him , but his incapacity to understand what doom and gloom he is going to plunge the country into by this historic betrayal is most unpardonable and thoroughly reprehensible no matter what explanations he might offer  in his defense.

Consequent upon this historic betrayal of his , the continuation of the consensual government has been rendered unsure. Based on unofficial sources , Maithripala has already decided to leave the consensual government and within two weeks will make a unilateral announcement to that effect. 

Due to  this gross historic betrayal by Sirisena , three ministers of Maithri group are holding discussions with the UNP to cross over to the latter . However , since according to the pact signed between the parties  by the consensual government , members of the two parties to the agreement cannot cross over from one side to the other . Therefore if ministers crossing over are to be taken to  the UNP  it would become necessary to terminate the pact. And ,if Sirisena  is to join with Rajapakses , he must resign from his executive president post.

If Maithripala Sirisena is to join with the corrupt deposed people discarded Rajapakses who were rejected and defeated by 6.2 Million voters, he must  first and foremost resign his presidential post , and go for a fresh  people’s referendum. While clinging on to the post of president  he has no ethical grounds  to act totally against the mandate of the people because his presidential campaign was not based on his giving leadership to the people after getting them to rally round him. Maithripala was chosen as the common candidate by a number of other forces of the people. They are the forces who carried him on the shoulders to the winning post. Hence Sirisena has no right at all while warming the presidential seat  also  to merge with the corrupt brutal discarded Rajapakses , to  eat and enjoy like  wolves  feasting and feeding  on their  kill. 

About the world’s notorious Biblical  Judas the historic betrayer, there are a number of stories written , but our own ‘Judarse’ Pallewatte Gamaralalage Yapa Sirisena the opportunistic self seeking , shallow , slimy politico’s betrayal has broken even his record. Judas only betrayed one individual, but our own “Judarse” betrayed a whole 6.2 million people – mind you , those are his  faithful voters who reposed implicit faith in him !

Judas betrayed only once and only one individual . Our ‘Judarse’  Pallewatte Gamaralalage Yapa Sirisena being a double faced double dealer went even further –is  guilty of double  betrayal ! He earlier  betrayed the SLFP . Now he has betrayed 6.2 Million people. 

Judas unable to bear the guilt hanged himself . In the case of our own Gamaralalage Yapa Sirisena,  an entire  6.2 million Sri Lankans unable to bear the evil consequences they have to face owing to his gross betrayal are earnestly praying and hoping the same fate or even worse befalls this ‘Judarse’ sooner than later.

Wimal Dheerasekera 

Translated by Jeff

by     (2017-11-25 18:41:04)

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