No flaws in decision then taken to resuscitate collapsed economy –Confident Ranil before Bond Commission !

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Nov.2017, 2.45PM)  The right decision was taken at the right time , and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that . That decision had to be taken in the best national interests to revive the economy, and even today that is being fully implemented . Neither are their any flaws in that decision asserted Prime Minister (P.M.) Ranil Wickremesinghe  when giving evidence before the Presidential Bond Commission. The P.M. also went on to assure he will never shirk the responsibility he undertook to resuscitate the economy that is in tatters, and  even today he stands by  what he promised . 

The P.M. made these comments with absolute confidence when he came to give evidence before  the Bond Commission voluntarily on the 20 th morning . 
The judges of the Commission expressed their appreciation to the P.M. for  appearing before the Commission  and   his cooperation, as those   are  conducive to further  investigation  . They also thanked him for coming forward to  give evidence .

The P.M. who voluntarily gave evidence before the Commission   answered all the questions most directly .The Attorney General was present  for the cross examination. 

It is specially noteworthy there   was a  large number  of cabinet ministers and M.P.s representing the SLFP and  UNP, as well as parliamentarians belonging to other parties to extend their support when the P.M. arrived at about 9.45 a.m. to give evidence  .

President of the Commission   Judge K.T. Chitrasiri in his opening remarks said , no force was exerted on the P.M. to appear before the Commission , yet the P.M. informed he would appear to give evidence in response to the questions  that were forwarded  to him .

The first question posed by judge Chitrasiri  was , what was the need to sign the Bond agreement and obtain payment ? The P.M. replied  , the Bond agreement was signed two months after the new government came into power , and at the auctions in February 2015 , Rs. 10.5 billion was earned.

By March 2 nd 2015 , the General Treasury was In need of Rs. 13.5 billion , and when the P.M. was revealing this , judge Kithsiri inquired about a further sum of Rs. 15 billion which was required.

The P.M. explained those were two distinct requirements , and the previous regime had to pay  a huge sum of money to the contractors , yet those  payments  were left to be settled outside the budget proposals. The previous government had not stated how the payments shall  be made to the contractors , and those companies  are still making requests from time to time to settle those dues , the P.M. explained.

To illustrate his point ,  the P.M. said , a Singapore Co. is even now demanding payment  for its  services during the years 2013-2014. The officials were not apprised of   these , and in order to circumvent  the liabilities when exceeding  the  limits imposed by  the International Monetary Fund , these transactions were resorted to by the previous government  , the P.M.  pinpointed. The P.M. also went on to disclose to the Commission , a number of similar deceptions which were  practiced by  the last government.
The P.M. after the conclusion of his evidence  before the Commission , addressing the media said , he has no necessity at all to hide . Though obstacles  and flaws  may crop up, good governance will still be continued  , P.M. assured  confidently.  

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