Tissa’s new party next month, Sudath Chandrasekera joins ; Gamarala props and prods behind the scene - 100 million disbursed already!

(Lanka e News -07.Aug.2018, 11.45PM) It is no less a person than Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena who shamelessly , overtly and covertly during the last over three years betrayed the pro good governance forces of January 8 th 2015, is behind the new political party (Eksath Puravesi Peramuna) to be formed by the infamous renegade Tissa Attanayake the ex UNP general secretary who became most notorious when he committed the biggest betrayal of the century letting down the UNP and the masses for opposition wholesale then at the crucial hour by pole vaulting to the Rajapakse regime camp (who were finally thrown out lock , stock and barrel ) , based on confirmed reports reaching Lanka e News .

The other individual who is holding hands with Tissa in this effort is Sudath Chandrasekera , the former personal assistant to Ranil Wickremesinghe cum director of the UNP communication force who recently resigned the posts after writing a long letter. Unbelievably it is Pallewatte Gamarala who had got Sudath to join in these latest dastardly moves .

Pallewatte Gamarala who is absolutely certain that he will never be able to field as UNP ‘s presidential candidate at the next elections is now desperately seeking candidature through the Lotus Bud party. However the biggest stumbling block to his aspiration is Basil Rajapakse. With the objective of splitting the UNP into two in order that he can thereby dilute Basil’s bitter resentment towards him ,Gamarala has decided to use Tissa and Chandrasekera .

President Gamarala who held several secret discussions with Tissa and Sudath had instructed to somehow launch this new party next month. Tissa and Sudath have an extremely cordial relationship with the UNP party members and activists across the Island.

Rs. 100 million had been disbursed towards this ‘project’

Initially , a sum of Rs. 100 million had been disbursed towards this ‘project’ and this payment has been made by Dudley Sirisena , according to unofficial sources. Incidentally , Dudley Sirisena is also spending on behalf of Gotabaya Rajapake which is also a matter for concern .

No matter what, the UNP leader who waits until everything goes beyond his reach is not taking any pre-emptive or remedial action. It is unfortunate the UNP leader is not aware that because of his insouciance a large number of UNP members below are thoroughly disillusioned. He is not even aware that Tissa as well as Sudath are trying to capture the official positions.

Sadly , the UNP leader has got accustomed to the habit of saying, ‘yes it is I who plucked the fruit’ even if that falls un-plucked into the laps of another . But by the time he realizes in new Lanka new geddi (fruits) are not that eager to fall into the laps of others , it might be too late.

However based on reports , Gamarala the most infamous political opportunist and traitor, is seeking to use the opportunity that he is going to secure after 8 th January 2019 ,to go for a presidential elections before the UNP which is right now most successfully forging ahead with its programs earns popularity and plaudits among the masses due to their providing relief to them .It is also the perception of the traitor based on his cunning calculation that the conflicts within the Lotus Bud group is going to escalate while the extensive relief that are being provided by the UNP government to the people is going to make the government very popular .

Therefore if the UNP leader is not encouraged to take a decision immediately as regards traitorous Gamarala the devil incarnate , his disruptive and dubious maneuvers , to wage a struggle to take control of the activities of the government and the opposition with a view to honor the promises made to the people on behalf of the good governance government, definitely there is not going to be a victorious journey for the UNF government or the UNP. It is most imperative and important therefore both the party politicos and the party supporters understand this well and truly , and act accordingly.


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