Sirisena’s record breaking betrayals and double crossings.! -Visal’s analysis

(Lanka-e-News - 09.Dec.2017, 1.00PM)  The attempt made to establish an unholy alliance between Sira and MaRa had come to an unbelievable end. The condition imposed by Rajapakses (MaRa) that if Sirisena (Sira) is to contest the forthcoming local body  elections jointly  with MaRa faction , he must leave the consensual government ,had  put a halt to the attempted unholy alliance despite silly Sirisena going behind Machiavellian MaRa ,and crawling on all fours before MaRa most abjectly . 

It is well known that Mahinda has demanded he should either be made  prime minister or opposition leader , and following the establishment of the alliance ( if that materialized) , he shall be given its president and secretary posts. Most shockingly and shamelessly the Sira group had agreed to abide by those conditions.
When Machiavellian Mahinda announced they would contest alone , silly Sirisena in mortal fear has sprung forward and agreed with whatever anti -national conditions MaRa put forward. However, since  the greedy ministers of the SLFP who cannot be without ministerial   luxuries , perks and privileges brought pressure to bear against those conditions , this unholy alliance attempt went up in smoke. In any event silly Sira  is still making  another attempt to arrive at a consensus through Elle Gunawansa the robed monk , it is learnt. 

Though the leadership of the SLFP is not his  , Mahinda had demonstrated he is capable of going  on the political journey. It is common knowledge (which bitter truth even Sirisena is aware)  that the SLFP vote base is in Mahinda’s hands .Therefore  Sirisena must have analyzed he would have to court defeat if he and his group are to contest alone , and besides he too would be annihilated because  Sirisena has no knowledge or strength when it concerns   self existence. 

Except what he says before the mike , he knows no  politics beyond that. He  has no patience or capacity to wait and implement far sighted policies. This is the Sirisena alias Sillysena who while  seeking  power , popularity and position through cheap political agendas and mischief  loses his equilibrium and panics  when he confronts  constructive criticisms . He had so far only succeeded  in proving what a hollow and shallow individual he is during his  short period in power, with no thought to rectify or amend his ways.  

Sirisena who betrayed UNP the main party of the consensual alliance, and People’s forces which installed him in power ,   after trying to link with  Mahinda surreptitiously and   getting humiliated temporarily halted his underhand maneuvers. But  now he is seeking the same dastardly objectives through other methods. It is high time all those of the consensual alliance exercised caution and be  most wary, for a serpent that gobbles up eggs is safer than a serpent which gobbles up hoppers.

Sirisena in his desperation is now trying another unconstitutional ploy. That is , he is trying to take into his fold another violent  racist and murderous force as a retaliatory move against Mahinda -a two penny half penny worth political ignoramus by the name of Weerakumara  whose political knowledge is even below that of a Kindergarten class child and  who knows only criminal activities is  to be given a ministerial portfolio. 

Weerakumara the notorious bankrupt politico is antagonistic towards the new constitution ; against all murder investigations ;  against the Tamil race; being a racist out and out wallows in racial disturbances ; and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to him is like kerosene to a serpent , and is  his  bitterest enemy . Interestingly this political marauder  is getting closer to Sirisena not after abandoning his vicious policies ,but after announcing Sirisena is the one more suitable to him than his policies.

If the president is to command at least minimum respect and if he is acting with maximum responsibility towards the forces which put him on the presidential pedestal , what he should do is tell those who are getting closer to him to accept his policies and come to him . Instead  , what is happening is the converse. They are dictating terms to the president, and proclaiming  it is Sirisena who falls in line with their  policies.  What a shame!

Even at this moment a number of extremist robed monks are clustered around him . The Tamil population which reposed faith in him have been betrayed by that. In a day or two the crook Mahindananda will also be by his side. Thereafter more and more crooks , criminals and discards will be attracted to his den of rascals  and the corrupt. After giving ministry posts to them diabolic despicable dramas would be enacted to push the UNP which elevated him to this position to the edge, and defeat the new constitution . 

Though Sillysena’s attempt to team up with Mahinda Rajapakse  has failed he is still trying out other subterfuges and camouflages  without realizing all these double deals and double faced manipulations are to the detriment of the nation and the people who elected him  because they  did not give him the mandate to stoop  to these villainies and treacheries after becoming the president.   
The pro good governance doctors, professors and political analysts   remaining silent amidst these unprecedented betrayals and what are in store is most shocking and reprehensible. Since many professors are by birth anti UNP, they must be foolishly and excessively trusting Sirisena .

On the contrary   what should be focused on , and should never  be forgotten is , the majority contributed to Sirisena’s victory in expectation of a planned proper program of work  because he had  a 100 days program of work to be completed after his appointment as president and  thereafter hold general elections. In addition at the elections he was expected to  obtain a  majority in parliament  with a view to forming  a strong government to  complete the remaining programs .

May we remind, the abolition of the executive presidency and finding a permanent solution to the national issue were among the main concerns and in the primary  plans to be executed by Sirisena. 

These were the inescapable  responsibilities of the common candidate. In those clear plans , clearly there was nothing to indicate Sirisena should become the SLFP leader. Hence , it is very evident now, from the very beginning it was Sirisena who was crippling and sabotaging the salutary good governance programs . Needless to explain again and again it is Sirisena who behaved like Sillysena and turned everything topsy turvy of good governance. After his proving  he is not at all fit and is a wrong choice for the honorable common candidate post  , that stark fact cannot be hidden any more. 

He has brazenly , unconscionably and uncaringly betrayed all those who committed themselves after  forgetting their past differences to make Sirisena the president of the country even risking their precious lives while  making progress  from the very bottom level during the run up to the presidential elections.  The UNP members  even heavily spent their financial resources towards that end.  The TNA , Muslim Congress, Mano Ganeshan and political forces , as well as the civil society and civil forces led by the Citizen’s Front have been double crossed  by him most ruthlessly .In short he has completely without exception betrayed everyone who came forward making supreme sacrifices sans any selfish motive to propel him to the position he is now in .
Yet  unbelievably , he sought to strike an alliance with corrupt crooked people discarded Machiavellian Mahinda whom people have rejected. What’s more ! he even got close to the extreme racist  murderers . Mind you he resorted to all these rascally and roguish activities after kicking out the mandate of the people who elected him into power.
Never has there been a greater betrayal than this in the entire world history . Sirisena who would sacrifice not only his voters , but even the  nation  and country’s future  at the altar of political  opportunism and selfish self gains is a political renegade who deserves to be crucified in public . Personally  I would certainly not hesitate to do that to such a scoundrel  . Neither will I be frightened .

In the circumstances , can double crossing  policy-less, faceless , rudderless Sirisena be permitted to further cruelly trample the mandate of the 6.2 Million people?

By Visal Karunaratne

Translated By Jeff 

by     (2017-12-09 07:37:11)

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We will curse Sirisena for generations to come ,even his family would be cursed for generations to come.for distroying the UNP which brought this Moron to Power we curse you sirisena
-- by mahen on 2017-12-10

Visal makes a point.There are many despicable politicians whose names bear an M - MaRa, Maithri,Mugabe, Mao, Marcos and so on.MaRa has already been disposed of by the masses.Maithri isn't loved eitther although he is a gullible ex siimpleton farmer.Who yearns for Bolandha Wicki as president? If scary BoWi who used to commute to Norway at the drop of a bomb or bullet had his way, he may have been nominated by Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize for dividing Sri Lanka into a piece or two but then who would have been there to pick up the peieces?Who will want an aged amandy like Bandaranaike either- the legendary family associated with the ruining of the economy more than thrice?Has anyone an honest and intelligent nominee to lead the country at the next elections?
-- by Siripala on 2017-12-12

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