Program to boost ‘artificial intelligence’ amidst blocking news website – read 2018 budget proposals appended.

(Lanka-e-News - 12.Nov.2017, 6.35AM)  While having a president who blocks the news website , in the budget 2018 of the government it was announced again ,under a  ‘Launch of Information technology ’ program , ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘Robot technology’ are to be initiated on behalf of Information Technology  education .

While having a Petroleum minister who could not even ensure proper distribution of petrol without a scarcity and who is  a confirmed total failure  , the budget promises to make the country an ‘entrepreneurial paradise’. 
While keeping in the post an in-disciplined goon as an  IGP who slapped the lift operator with impunity , the budget  proposes to set aside Rs. 125 million  to establish a University  for the police and in relation to criminal affairs .

In addition many more proposals have been made in this budget. They are briefly as follows :

Loans are to be granted to projects without guarantee (Rs. 10,000 million) 
A special tax of cents 20 on every Rs.1000.00 on loan recoveries in  bank transactions .
Carbon tax on all  motor vehicles .
A tax on liquor according to the percentage of  alcohol content .
A nation building tax on liquor. 
Pre paid electronic cards in the name of Serisara to bus commuters.
A sum of Rs. 200.000.00 to be levied for each communication tower monthly
When multi day trawlers are being purchased , 50 % of the value will be met by the government  
A zone in Kilinochchi for export of marine leeches.
Import of corn to be increased 
Hybrid coconut seedlings to be produced. 
A ‘’Flower council” for flower production 
Rs. 10 million allocated to  granting of loans to  provide ‘ Home stay’ to foreigners seeking lodging 
Tax on off road sports vehicles reduced. 
Rs. 50 million allocated for the  70 th independence day celebrations in   Mumbai , Los Angeles and  London 
Vat tax refunds to foreign passport holders
Friendly Tuk- Tuk service to be extended for tourists 
A three wheeler authority to be established. 
Racecourse to be transformed into a  modernized center   with sophisticated  engravings –Rs. 250 million allocated
An International  performing arts Institute for Moratuwa –Rs. 600 million.

In addition ,prior to the budget with effect from 8 th  ,taxes prices on the following items were reduced …

Kilo of sprats by Rs. 10.00
Kilo of potatoes by Rs. 39.00
Kilo of Big onions by Rs. 39.00
Kilo of dhal (whole) by Rs. 9.00
Kilo of dhal (  split)    by Rs. 12.00
Kilo of Vegetable oil by Rs 15.00 

and tax on a Kilo of Palm oil by Rs. 15.00 – minister of mass media and finance revealed  at the media briefing on the 8 th .

The minister  further revealed  , the taxes on  purified palm oil , other purified vegetable oils , unpurified palm kernel  oil , purified palm kernel oil, unpurified and purified  coconut oil  have also been reduced by Rs. 25.00 per kilo on each of the items , while the tax on a kilo of unpurified palm kernel oil has been reduced by Rs. 35.00 per kilo.

The 2018 budget proposals can be downloaded by clicking here

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