Jail sentences and huge fines against Ex president MR ‘s secretary Weeratunge, and Pelpita !

-Beginning of the end of nefarious decade crooks and corrupt !

(Lanka-e-News - 07.Aug.2017, 8.00PM) The High court judge Gihan Kulatunge made the first welcome move to mete out punishment to the ace rogues of the nefarious corrupt decade . Lalith Weeratunge who held a highest post in State service as  secretary to the former president of the country Machiavellian Mendacious Mahinda Rajapakse while he  was the country’s  highest in the hierarchy , as well as Anusha Pelpita ,  ex  Director General of Telecomunication Regulatory Commission. (TRC) Each  of them was sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment plus  a fine of Rs. 2 million, and in addition the accused were ordered  to pay Rs. 50 million as compensation to the TRC.

Both these state officers of the highest echelons of government service were found  guilty of misappropriation of  Rs. 600 million of precious public funds via  distribution of Sil cloths and others for the election campaign of presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapakse during the run up to  the last presidential elections.
Both accused were found guilty on both charges proved beyond reasonable doubts.  On each  of the charges , each of the accused was sentenced to one and half years in jail plus a fine of Rs.  1 million , which means, they were  sentenced to three years in jail plus a fine of Rs. 2 million each. Since these culprits have spent the funds of the TRC illegally , a further sum of Rs. 50 million was ordered to be paid to the Commission as compensation.

The two accused have filed an appeal against the high court decision based on reports. They will be  able to request for  bail until the appeal is heard. Since it takes at least two weeks to secure bail based on the appeal , they will have to remain as  prisoners from today. 

The pro governance masses are of course watching whether , these two culprits will be pampered and provided with all the luxurious comforts while inside prison , by the prison chiefs . May we  issue a dire warning well ahead to the prison chiefs that  if they stoop  to those rackets , next it will be the prison chiefs who will have to go behind bars .

In a country where under a government of good governance , a government servant as high as a  secretary to a president of  a country is sentenced to jail for his crimes , throwing these crooked  jail chiefs into prison is a trifling issue.

This case was filed following a profound and long  investigation by the FCID to the great delight of the pro good governance masses. Unbelievably when Lalith Weeratunge who swindled  public funds on a massive scale was summoned to the FCID to record his statement for the first time  , various persons gave a call to the FCID to question why Lalith was summoned. Even the investigation was sidelined. Truly speaking , it is because of the commitment and conscientiousness of a most reputed and respected  Senior DIG and lawyer Ravi Waidyalankara in charge of the FCID , who did not kowtow to outside pressures this investigation could be successfully concluded.
What the pro  good governance masses who voted on 2015-01-08 earnestly anticipated from the victory was all those culprits and the corrupt be punished irrespective of their ranks and status , and pressures against it from the highest political echelons notwithstanding. Hence the whole country salutes Waidyalankara and expresses its gratitude to him for his integrity , rectitude  and unflinching attitude. But for whom and his team , these robbers  of colossal funds of the public could not have been hauled up in courts. 

 ( In the first   photograph are the culprits being led handcuffed following the court verdict. In the other is  Namal Rajapakse the corrupt synthetic lawyer next  in line to face punishment speaking to the spouses of the crooks and making inquiries – photos courtesy Waruna Wanniarachi of Daily Mirror  newspaper )

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This sentence is too lenient for educated people involved in white collar crimes against the state. They should have been sentenced for at least 10years each . That would be a wake up call and caution for all administrative officers not to dance to the tune of the corrupt politicians.
-- by Sarath on 2017-09-07

They seem to be very happy with the verdict. Don't spoil their fun. If you can, increase their happiness by expediting another corruption case.
-- by indrapathy on 2017-09-07

These 2 para jadayas must be roasted in atar barrell and kept in mademulana at Mahendra Rajapaksa's house for them to worship these filthy bastards
-- by jagath on 2017-09-07

For robbing (an evil) they get jail; but as robbed money was used to donate Sil Redi (a merit) they get heaven, namely prison hospital.
-- by Perumal on 2017-09-08

For robbing they get prison but for they robbed to donate Sil Redi they get heaven, namely prison hospital.
-- by Perumal on 2017-09-08

It is a pity that these two state employees got jailed while the prime culprit who got them to commit these crimes is free.
-- by Peter on 2017-09-09

This is a very bad precedent. Government officials would be encouraged to do the same as the punishment for robbing Rs. 600 millions is a mere fine of Rs. 104 millions and a prison sentence of three years, which can be pardoned after spending one year at the prison hospital. Hope the Attorney General would try to get the maximum sentence of 20 years and the maximum fine of three times the fiddle, if they appeal the sentence.
-- by Sarojini on 2017-09-09

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