As Wijedasa’s guard and mask drop off so the corrupt villainous Medamulanas step in to rescue culprit !

(Lanka-e-News - 22.Aug.2017, 8.45PM) It is a well and widely known fact that notorious Wijedasa Rajapakse did everything possible  to save the corrupt criminal Medamulana Rajapakse group  in the criminal involvements of theirs  while he was the minister of justice. But now the most  infamous Medamulana Rajapakse clan in their desperation is trying to rescue themselves  by resorting to new devious methods and dubious mechanisms , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

This new evil methodology  aims at intimidating  and threatening the judges hearing the cases. As a preliminary step , they are to mount bogus charges against the High court  judges hearing their cases , and file petitions. 

The lawyers for the brutal corrupt Medamulanas have filed petitions against the Judicial Service Commission and the Chief Justice.  The lawyer who is in the vanguard of these villainous criminal  moves is a most sinister lawyer Jayantha Weerasinghe .It is this same lawyer who was with Shiranthi Rajapakse when she was summoned to the CID recently. Now the  latest lawyer who had joined the Medamulana lawyers’ sinister team is none other than  another notorious culprit Wijedasa Rajapakse . Other lawyers  who have also  joined the Medamulana team are the lackeys  and  sidekicks of Wijedasa .Unlike birds of a feather flocking together for innocent reasons , these lawyers  on the contrary have come together for the most nefarious reasons to the detriment of the country with the sole and whole objective to rescue the culprits by foul rather than fair means . 
Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , if their petitions are not successful  , they are  to intimidate and pressurize the judges . This group has   conspired even  to go  beyond to achieve their dastardly vicious  goals. 
These  conspiracies are therefore being highlighted  ahead so that the officials will open their eyes as well as awake to forestall  those evil machinations and subterfuges with a view to crush them once and for all.  

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This bastard should have stripped and castrated in public. Its a shame that MS and RW had this snake in their cabinet all this time. It will be their undoing.
-- by Laughing Stock on 2017-08-22

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