Senile Carlo’s time is over ! SL Medical Council to get a new president.

(Lanka-e-News - 27.June.2017, 11.30PM)   The ‘expiration time’ of Professor Carlo Fonseka’s term  who is  the current president of SL Medical Council  is due  on 30 th of this month, and Professor  Colvin Gunaratne who was appointed as a member of the Medical Council since 2011 is to replace him , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

Professor Gunaratne is a reputed general medical specialist for all diseases  . At the last national awards ceremony he was one of those who received the ‘Deshamanya’ award among just ten others for the service he has rendered to the country so far. 

The SL Medical council has designed to establish a useful and purposeful medical service for the country with a view to  safeguard the standard of the state and private medical services ;  sustain the  loftiness  of the educational and professional values of those  in the medical service ; and inculcate discipline and  lofty traditions.

Dr .Duncan Walker was the first president of this council after it was established legally by the white imperialist rulers  in 1924  , and he was an European .
The present Medical council is comprised of 25 members , out of which ten members are made up by  the deans of the 8  medical faculties of the country , a dean of the Dental medical faculty , and a director of the Health service . That is  they constitute ten of the 25 members of the council and they are appointed officially .  (The deans of the faculties are appointed based on the votes of the administrative boards of the relevant Universities ) . Of the remaining 15 members , ten are appointed on the votes of the Medical specialists association . There  are specialists in private practice too among those selected.  The president of the Council and four remaining members are appointed by the minister of health. In other words only six members can be appointed politically. The majority  are independent appointments based on votes at various levels. In the circumstances there isn’t a need at all to make a fresh request to safeguard the independence of the Medical council,  or  from politics.

Leaders Padeniya and Soysa along with those of  the lower rung of the GMOA trade union which staged strikes in the recent past had an unofficial discussion with president on the 24 th , when a request was made by them to keep back Carlo Fonseka whose term is ending .  When the  president inquired from the GMOA leaders when his term was ending , the latter replied it is on 30 th of June. The president at once exclaimed ‘ then there is a lot of time for that ,‘ in order to dodge the issue. 

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Good news and about time. Hope Prof. Colvin retired from physiology but clinically based with experience in south during an earlier insurrection, will bring in a balanced, just and progressive path to medical education in SL. Ideologies must give way to practical and pragmatic policies to uplift SL which deserves more than the terror being unleashed by manipulative agendas. Wish him well for justice to all youth without fear or favour
-- by medic on 2017-06-28

Prof. Carlo dug his grave with prejudiced saying "I will not register SAITM" unbecoming of his post. So it seems to be. Assumed there was no room for improvement, could violate medical ordinance, was not responsible or accountable to any higher authority or the judicial verdict or the law and order of country, but only his ideology. Being govt. he backed the wrong horse, the muscle strength of GMOA, rather than truth, justice & integrity. Sad
-- by citizen on 2017-06-28

The removal of Prof Carlos Phoneyseca from the Presidents post of the SLMC is years too late. He is the culprit who has impeded the installing Private Medical Schools , commencing with the NCMC. Indeed a good riddance
-- by SHELTON W on 2017-06-30

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