Arsonist who burnt down Muslim shops in Maharagama arrested ; secret meetings of Gnanassara and Wijedasa exposed; Gota the intermediary (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 09.June.2017, 2.45PM) An individual who is associated with the organization  inciting  religious hatred and stoking hate crimes across the country by setting fire to several Muslim shops in Mahragama and Wijerama by hurling petrol bombs was arrested by the police intelligence division officers at Maharagama on 8 th at dawn.

The suspect was arrested following identification made through CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity of the shops that came under attack.

The suspect is 33 years old Wanniarachige Kasun Kumara residing at 67 , Pasal Mawatha , Maharagama  employed at a restaurant located at Maharagama – Dehiwala Road .He is a life member of the Bodhu Bala Sena organization.

The CCTV cameras had recorded this criminal prowling in the night on a bicycle and setting fire to closed shops. (CCTV photograph herein depicts an incident at Wijerama)

A shop at High level road , Maharagama on 22 nd May; a pharmacy   at Wijerama on 24th  ; a Cushioning shop at Wijerama again on 6 th June ; and another shop at Maharagama on 7 th were set fire to  by this suspect. As a result huge damage has been caused to the shops.

The police intelligence officers of Western province and Mirihana are interrogating the suspect to elicit information in order to determine on whose instructions this culprit committed these crimes  aimed at plunging the country into a racial holocaust .

Meanwhile based on reports  reaching Lanka e news inside information division , the maniacal  monk Galagoda Athe Gnanassara bent on unleashing racial  violence in the country had met with notorious  turncoat , black coat , parana coat  crook   Wijedasa Rajapakse , Colombo district M.P  and minister of justice secretly on many occasions during the recent past .

On every occasion it is former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse  a byword for murder and mayhem  who had informed Wijedasa Rajapakse of Gnanassara’s arrival to meet him, according to reports.  On some occasions , Wijedasa had even not attended parliament because Gnanassara was coming to meet him. Anyone who wishes to verify the veracity of these revelations can examine the calls exchanged via the phone at the home of Wijedasa , and get confirmation.

In spite of so many complaints made to the Police , Gnanassara who is wantonly trying to plunge the country into a holocaust through his rowdy conduct and vituperative hate speeches while  wearing the saffron robe and disgracing  his own religion , has still not been taken into custody . Neither the minister in charge of the police force nor the IGP had entrusted the CID with the responsibility to take this monk into custody who is committing outrageous sacrilege and inciting racial violence openly to the detriment of the entire country 

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We are very proud of you Mr.Sandaruwan. Our media here are sweeping all these under carpets.
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-06-09

I still wonder how the European Union granted GSP to Sri Lanka, when it is still such a corrupt country. For instance it clear in every case the Minister of Justice is disgracefully involved in protecting crooks who stolen state property and criminals involved in murders , kidnapping arson and communal violence. This is a big joke ? All the people in country are being taken for a ride by the politicians.
-- by Citizen on 2017-06-09

Why is Gnanasara not being arrested? The IGP should resign raja Senanayake Retd C.C.S
-- by Raja Senanayake on 2017-06-27

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