Know the true story behind Susanthika’s attempted auctioning of Olimpic medal

(Lanka-e-News -08.June.2017, 11.00AM)  SusanthikaJayasinghe who stooped to do all the sordid biddings of corrupt murderous Rajapakses during their nefarious era , including going to super market to buy rotten dried  fish for them  , and also sought to pedestal Mahinda in power  for   the third time , has now made accusations against the present government . She has alleged  because the latter has taken revenge on her , she has only one choice  - to auction  her two golden medals she won , and leave for Australia. Susanthika recently made this revelation to the media.The Sports ministry giving an official reply to this allegation.

Susanthika told the media thus “ I was working as  sports advisor at the ministry of sports. But with the change of government in January 2015 ,I lost that job . I was given a car and a driver , and paid a monthly salary of Rs. 80,000.00. This was for the tasks I performed as a sports advisor and president’s co ordinating officer. I also had some money earned on my own in my savings which I spent for political activities. Nobody helped me specially. Therefore I have  spent most of what I earned. Since last month –April my salary payment has been stopped. I am not afraid , remember that. I have nothing to lose. Country’s  two biggest medals are in my possession. Before those are given to the museum , I shall auction them and I shall go to Australia. Such a country will receive me.”

The statement issued by the acting secretary to the sports ministry ,Somaratne Vidanapathirane in regard to non payment of salary, and other allegations leveled by  Susanthika ,is hereunder …

With  regard to the charges leveled against the sports ministry by Susanthika via the various media , we explain thus :

Let us first recall with due respect that Susanthika Jayasinghe by winning an Olympic medal in 2000 , did proud to this country. 

The governments in power since that time have gifted cash , house, vehicles etc. to Ms. Susanthika Jayasinghe. In addition  following a request made   by Susanthika to the ministry for funds to publish  her biography , with the permission of the minister , a sum of Rs. 1.1 million was donated  to her last year.

Even after such assistance ,if she says she is facing pecuniary embarrassment , it is a matter for regret.
Firstly ,Susanthika was not  dismissed from the post by the sports ministry  in the manner she claims. Her April salary has been somewhat delayed temporarily , and the explanation for that is  given in this letter. 

The previous government appointed her as an advisor to  the sports minister , and her term had ended in 2015 when this government was installed in power. When lawyer Dayasiri Jayasekera was appointed as minister of sports, the situation changed , and steps were taken to secure Susanthika’s services giving  due respect.

The minister of sports forwarded a message to the cabinet on 2016-05-19 with the aim of  paying  a monthly salary of Rs. 60,000.00 plus a fuel  allowance of Rs. 15000.00 to Susanthika until she reaches the age of 60 irrespective of whoever holds the sports minister post.

The cabinet gave approval based on that message to extend her services from 2016-07-01 every year until 2020 , and to appoint Susanthika as an advisor when  selecting  participants for international games , and as a trainer .  The cabinet also agreed to pay her  a monthly salary of Rs. 60,000.00 based on the salary structure for advisors of state ministries. 

In this connection a letter was sent to her on 2016-08-12 by the Sports ministry secretary and her appointment was to take effect from 2016-07-01. It is stipulated  in  article  8 ‘ The duties designated to you by the sports ministry secretary shall be discharged by  you .The program of work for the particular month shall be submitted to the secretary during the first week of that  month , and at the end of the month , a report of the work done shall be forwarded to the secretary ‘ 

Article 9 stipulates  “ Further , a report on the work done by you during the year , and a report of the program of work which you have prepared    for the ensuing year .

To facilitate  her duties and tasks ,  room 8 on 3rd floor of the building on Torrington playground was assigned , which is also the  building allocated   for  sports associations  of the Torrington playground  . 
With a view to producing talented athletes like Susanthika , the sports minister invited Susanthika and former president of athletic federation , Sugath Thilakaratne to the ministry, and requested Susanthika to serve as an  advisor and provide training to   athletic reserve three at that time. So far Susanthika had not provided those services to the athletic sphere  of the country.

From July 2016 until March 2017 , she was paid salaries without any interruption by the sports ministry. Yet Susanthika  has continuously failed to perform her duties stipulated under the articles . From January to March 2017 , Susanthika was sick  , yet the ministry on sympathetic grounds paid her  the salaries during that period.

Even after pampering her , because she did not fulfill the requirements under article 8 , the ministry secretary addressed a letter on 2017-04 -26 to Susanthika, and informed her to forward the monthly  reports  if she is to be paid the salary from the month of April 2017.

The funds we released as a sports ministry to Susanthika are funds fully  belonging to the public of this country. As it  is our responsibility to release public funds to Susanthika in a manner that it is utilized  for the benefit of the country, it is the duty and responsibility of Susanthika to be of service to the sphere of sports of the country duly , commensurate with the  funds she had collected.

Under the circumstances,  we have  no legal right or ethical obligation to release funds to her who has neglected the performance of her duties , and neglected  forwarding  the reports in accordance with the cabinet decisions .

If Susanthika is still  experiencing pecuniary embarrassment , what she should do is not auctioning her medals , rather perform her duties duly while holding  the posts designated to her by the government , and honorably collect a salary , while unhesitatingly  and duly  serving the motherland and the sporting arena .
Towards that   end , the sports ministry  doors are still widely open for her. We therefore respectfully request her to cooperate with the sports ministry to produce some more talented sports  stars  today or tomorrow for  our motherland .”

Somaratne Vidanapathirane 

Acting secretary 
Sports ministry.

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If she joins MS as other corrupt and defeated politicians she will get more facilities we respect her stand and this country has now gone to dogs
-- by Shiva on 2017-06-09

Susanthika is a national icon in the same class as Pandith Amaradeva. She has done her part by the country. Convert her salary to a pesion and cintinue with other perks. Give her the freedom to groom the young athletes the way she likes. Hang the 'reports' etc. Hon. President's attention needs to be drawn to her predicament.
-- by MAF on 2017-06-09

This cunning woman should be ashamed of herself to have been a burden to the government of the day and the taxpayers of Sri Lanka. She has fallen from grace to what she is today just because of her stupidity. Winning an Olympics medal for the Nation is a great deed/accomplishment but to make an opportunity based on her honourable service to defraud the nation cannot be allowed. We wonder why she is not taking that hike to Australia - she often talks about!!!!
-- by SL-Wallah on 2017-06-12

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