Ranil went to the US for medical treatment

(Lanka-e-News - 01,June.2017, 7.20AM) Though the political opponents are criticizing that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe went abroad on a private tour  neglecting  the current disastrous situation in the country , in truth , he had to do this tour to America on medical grounds – for a medical check up based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 
The P.M. has been admitted to the  famous Maryland hospital in the US .

Several close relatives of his , and minister Malik Samaraweera accompanied him.

The masses of good governance are wishing him well ,and praying for his speedy recovery !

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Anyone has the right to seek medical treatment in Halifax or Thumpane. However, doesn't the hon. PM, who was accompanied by Nanny Samaraweera to the U.S. have confidence in Sri Lanka's amply qualified, hard-working and dedicated medical staff to take care of him?
-- by Y. Samarasinghe on 2017-06-01

Rival parties are always trying to find faults of Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe. It is a well known fact that he had been very busy visiting countries like Australia,Japan and China etc during the recent past to attend to many important missions without an iota of rest.None talks of the importance of such visits but try to stain his image giving incorrect news to media. We wish him good health and expedious recovery.
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-06-01

An able leader must have plenty of energy - both physical and mental. If flying 1st class, travelling in chauffeur-driven luxury cars, sleeping on beds at luxury hotels and attending gala dinners makes one tired, then such people should step aside and allow others who are more energized to lead the nation, Mr. Hewa. To rule from the cradle to the grave is not a birthright.
-- by Kamal Yapa on 2017-06-05

Isn't the quality of medical care both state and private dished out to masses through his Government not credible for him to be diagnosed and treated in Sri Lanka? Wonder if it was private funds or states funds that were expended for this private visit to Maryland?!!
-- by Nic on 2017-06-07

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