GMOA holds patients to ransom by striking again on the day Padeniya is summoned to court ! - betrays his hidden selfish agendas

(Lanka-e-News 25.May.2017, 10.20AM)  All flatulence no substance Padeniya who along with his group that stage strikes even on the slightest pretext – even if  their stinking  farts do not stink just on one occasion, staged a 24 hour strike again from 8.00 in the morning on the 22 nd putting the lives of poor  patients in  dire  jeopardy. These doctors were so unconscionable and heartless that after saying the strike is going to last only half a day , extended it to a whole day , like terrorist ‘strikes’. These terror inspiring doctors also said , they are not going to engage in private practice during that period.

On the last occasion when this ruthless doctor group struck work , the railway drivers and the professional pilots’ unions extended support , but this time they did not. Following the Teachers union meeting with disappointment after inviting the teachers  to participate in the strike  on the last occasion ,and thereby disgracing  themselves  ,  this time its union secretary Josef Stalin did not summon the teachers to take part in the strike.

This time the doctors who have by now acquired a notoriety for their meaningless and purposeless strikes had  cited a  ground never before advanced  in support of their strikes. The ground was , tear gassing the students who illegally  went in procession defying court orders .

This is also the first occasion , responsible doctors behaved like irresponsible  jokers by  stampeding  the young immature students to act impetuously trampling the court order while simultaneously  holding hundreds of thousands  of  patients  to ransom , and also putting their lives at risk.

Another reason adduced by  GMOA for today’s strike revolved around the decision taken by the government  with regard to providing clinical training for SAITM students in government hospitals. Initially, they said , the clinical training the SAITM students are receiving is inadequate and not of superior quality.  These  doctor jokers have now  forgotten  the government took that decision regarding clinical training  as a solution to their woe. 

A doctor speaking to Lanka e news regarding today’s GMOA strike while wishing to remain anonymous revealed , in the good old days the doctors carried the badge/sticker  of doctor on their vehicles with pride , but now they are in fear , because they are aware they may fall victim to a stone and missile attack of the public any time owing to their uncouth and  uncultured  conduct .It is very unfortunate doctors like Padeniya have degraded themselves and disgraced the profession so much so that the public are now looking down on them unlike in the past when doctors were held in high esteem .

He is today for the first time defying the GMOA decision and visiting the hospital to serve the patients , the doctor  added.   Because of the stupid  unjust strikes of Padeniyas staged to achieve their cheap selfish agendas , the public are now of the view SAITM doctors are indeed necessary for the country to combat  the terror of the ruthless   doctors who are showing no concern for the patients. 

Interestingly and incidentally  , today the 22 nd , Padeniya the chief of the GMOA was  summoned to court to plead his cause why he should not be punished for his reckless and irresponsible utterances made against  courts .  Inside sources of the GMOA say , Padeniya chose this very day to stage the strike , for spurious reasons – that is to demonstrate to the courts the power he wields .

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