President’s brother Dudley too struck by same contagion –along with ‘Hell co ordinating secretary’ forces bank to release frozen funds of Namal !

(Lanka-e-News -20.March.2017, 6.10AM) Dudley Sirisena the brother of incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena who hitherto did not interfere in the governmental affairs , along with Shiral Lakthileke , the infamous  president’s ‘Hell co ordinating secretary’ had exerted pressure on the state banks on behalf of the crooks , based on a report reaching Lanka e news.

A number of bank accounts of the sons  of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse have been frozen on the orders of the court. A sum of Rs. 300 million including four accounts of Namal Rajapakse , and Rs. 157.5 million of Yoshitha Rajapakse of illcit earnings were  frozen. Because Indika Prabath Karunajeewa the son of late Karunajeewa , the chairman of People’s bank at that time was an accomplice  in the money laundering activities  of the Rajapakse siblings , Indika was  made an accused.

Recently , the president’s brother  Dudley Sirisena  had phoned the present CEO cum General manager  of People’s bank, Vasantha Kumar and applied pressure unlawfully to release the funds of Namal Rajapakse which are now frozen on court directive. Vasantha Kumar has however said , he has no powers to comply with Dudley’s request since it is on a court order the funds were  frozen.  Dudley had then said  ‘this is president’s matter’ , and therefore  should be done. However the CEO of the bank has declined .
After Dudley’s unlawful phone call , on the same day  the president’s ‘Hell co ordinating secretary’. Shiral Lakthileke too had  phoned Hemasiri Fernando the chaiman of People’s bank and told him to release the funds in  Namal Rajapakse ‘s frozen account . Hemasiri too   had given the same reply that since it is  a court order , he cannot interfere. In much the same way as Dudley insisted  , Shiral the NGO crook has stated  ‘this is a president’s matter’, and therefore to somehow release the funds. The chairman however has not agreed. 

When considering these two incidents which are identical , and because these two individuals who tried to interfere with the court directives are very close to the president , it is possible this interference is indeed a   ‘president’s matter’ and a president’s directive.
If it is not so, there is no necessity for Dudley and Shiral to think of the frozen accounts of Namal Rajapakse  even if they are the worst of racketeers themselves  , and speak to the bank at about the same time  to get the funds  released .

Nevertheless , there is a possibility for the president to say , he does not know anything about this , and wash his hands off the matter, because he is accustomed to the habit of saying ‘ even I came to know about it from the newspapers’

The actions of president Maithripala lately are  alienating him from the forces that installed him in power making supreme sacrifices  , and his  getting closer to the Rajapakse den of crooks while directly and indirectly assisting the corrupt , crooks , stooges and murderers with a view to save them is only provoking the masses beyond measure who risked even their lives to make Maithripala the president  , because every day , news is seeping out confirming  that the  aforementioned  information are true about president’s latest ‘acrobatics’.

Though the president came forward saying , “to show us an  ‘un-quantified’ era” ,  Shiral Lakthileke who was appointed with great  hope by president  as his ‘Hell co ordinating secretary’ on the other hand , is along  with  president’s  cousin brother , only  carving  a short cut to disaster for the country and the president.   The president’s  much hyped , ‘un-quantified’  era  notwithstanding ,  this duo on the contrary who are absolute misfits are sure  working most assiduously  to show the president instead the fastest  route to 60 feet underground  .   

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