Victims forced to drink urine by Peradeniya University students, Peratugami and IUSF raggers -Torture chamber and GMOA have links

(Lanka-e-News -23.Feb.2017, 11.45PM)   8 students of Peradeniya University – victims of ragging were stripped naked and attacked with clubs though they had become most sick because they were forced to drink urine of the students leading to  their  vomiting, according to the police. 

The raggers have filled bottles with urine and forced the victims to drink. Right now the ailing students have been produced before a psychiatrist  because of their dire mental and physical conditions. 

These 8 students who could not be forced to fall in line with the evil  political agendas of the torturers and because they did not participate in the anti SAITM protests , these students were abducted in a Van to a rented house which was used as a torture chamber by the raggers. The victims had been tormented and tortured for a whole night . The senior raggers  of the Peradeniya University agriculture faculty -are members of the IUSF, and members of Peratugami party , police had discovered.

After the torturers (raggers) were remanded , 8 members of Peratugami party had come to the prison to see them , but only 5 of them were given permission to meet the prisoners, based on reports. 

Since there individuals are  in the age range between 31 and 32 years , and students of such age are not in the University  second year ,the assistance of the University  administrators have been sought to ascertain whether they are truly students. 

Meanwhile the Van that was used for the abduction has by now been taken into custody.

Torture chamber and GMOA are linked. 

Grave suspicions have arisen in regard to the Torture chamber used by the students situated at Hindagala Megoda Kalugamuwa , Peradeniya.  This is a semi constructed house not suitable for habitation. It is said , Rs. 30,000.00 has been paid for the three months at Rs. 10,000.00 per month.

Suspicions  had been triggered following the discovery  that this house belongs to an individual attached to  Galaha health medical officers office. Certainly students who are getting doles of Rs. 5000.00 from Mahapola   cannot maintain such a house. It is therefore the responsibility of the investigators to probe whether this house where the torture chamber is , given to  the Peratugami  ragging tormentors has any connection with the  monstrous Era Soysas and Pacha Padeniyas of the terror GMOA organization because this has been given on rent  by an individual of the medical officers office ,.

The University administrators have also begun a separate investigation against the raggers , and already 15 students have been suspended. 

This is not ragging – it is a terrorist torture !

No Matter what , this torture cannot be classified as ragging  . If it is the usual ragging, it  is conducted within the University premises including the hostel. But this is much worse than terrorist activity , for the victims have been unlawfully abducted ,taken to a torture chamber and tormented  most inhumanly until the victim abjectly submitted to the evil agendas of the terrorizing  raggers  .If that is the case ‘ragging’ charges cannot be filed against  the torturers . It is terrorism , pure and simple. 

This is clearly terrorism that has been resorted to in order to force  the victims into submission to achieve the political agendas of these torturers . Yet , the University authorities owing to the fear that the  reputation of the  University would be tarnished are not taking harsh measures  ,  and are not assisting the police too to take action in that direction , Lanka e news learns. 

It is a pity the University authorities and the country’s rulers had not been able to halt these  uncivilized and villainous ragging after the country gained independence and even for the last  half a century  . These barbaric activities began after independence with the JVP politics starting to drag the free education along  most viciously and villainously and closing Universities   ,  followed by the Peratugami terror and villainy. The entire country and the nation must feel ashamed over this failure   this  long .

Of course in civilized countries these activities are carried out , and punishment is meted out under the ordinary laws without  special laws to govern the students.  In addition to meting out deterrent and severe punishments , the students , parents and officials should get  together . Unless and until  an evaluation is done on every student up to the last in the  Universities , coupled with a powerful spiritual , educational and the latest technological program being put in place , these barbaric activities cannot be stamped out. 

Those who are responsible must ponder carefully whether these Neanderthal rascally Leftists are going to be permitted to drive this country into a holocaust in the next half century too. 

Post scriptum ..

Sirimalwatte who calls himself as the Peratugami mediaman referring to our report yesterday had responded by claiming, Lanka e news once again has engaged in unethical reporting in breach of media traditions.  It is not strange to hear a shameless disgraceful  member of a nudist colony to call those outside decently dressed  as dishonorably attired. It is best if Sirimalwatte  would go through  the basic lessons  of etiquette and media ethics , and tries to    learn what is ethical about  forcing human  urine down the throats of innocent students before he points an accusing finger at others .We hope he is intelligent and intelligible despite his bestiality to learn that bit at least before he talks of media ethics. 

The photos herein depict …
the raggers leaving the courts headed towards the prison while  covering their faces.  
The torture chamber run by them and 
The medical officers office where the owner who rented out  that torture chamber is employed.

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These type of ragging is going on come hell or high water. Disciplinary action is necessary coupled with castration !
-- by mike on 2017-02-23

Free education at its best!! Never heard of anything like this at SAITM or any other fee levying university
-- by Jagath Fernando on 2017-02-24

The perverts who are responsible for these criminal acts should be expelled from the university and legal action taken against them so that it will be a lesson for the others.
-- by Peter on 2017-02-24

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