Even when Gal Oya scheme was opposed during its inauguration; Dispel your malicious notions and join in this Hambantota project-Rajitha’s historic speech (Photo and Video)

(Lanka-e-News -08.Jan.2017,11.55PM) During the period when D.S. launched the Gal Oya scheme he was maligned as ‘Kele John’ (Jungle John) , and that it was to lead the   people to the jungle to kill them . If the same corrosive and malicious  ideas and thoughts are still persisting pertaining to the present Hambantota  development project , please dispel such misgivings  and come forward to contribute to the Ruhunu development  like how you would make an offering  , cabinet spokesman and minister Rajitha Senaratne urged most  intensely  and patriotically at Hambantota .

The minister made this passionate and patriotic  plea at the launching of the gigantic  development project , the Sri Lanka – China Industrial and well being organization in the Southern zone headed by prime minister (P.M.)  Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday (07). The inauguration ceremony of the  Hambantota , Mirijjawila investment promotion zone took place under the patronage  of P.M. Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

The function was attended by the Maha Sangha , the Chinese ambassador of the Republic of China to SL ,YI XianLiyang , a large number of ministers and M.P.s ,secretaries to ministries and invitees. A massive crowd of people were also present on the occasion although a tense situation prevailed because of the groups of saboteurs of the Rajapakses .This sabotage attempt and activities were resorted to  in violation of  the court order issued on the 6 th .

The Hambantota Magstrate Manjula Karunaratne issued an injunction   order on the 6 th forbidding staging of protests for 14 days in several districts including  the Hambantota administrative complex and proposed Industrial zone as well as its environs. This directive was issued following submissions made to court by police that there could be a breach of the peace, and a commotion can be created  owing to the protests on the 7th. 

This restraining order specially mentioned the names of  26 individuals which included  9 robed monks ,    former speaker Chamal Rajapakse and Namal Rajapakse M.P. Yet some politicos including Namal Rajapakse , Dallas Alahaperuma, Udaya Gammanpila, Gamini Lokuge , D.V.Upul and D.V. Chanaka conducted themselves in violation of the court order. 

The group that assembled at Prabodaramaya , Ambalangoda went in  procession up to Dehiyagahalanda. When the police obstructed them there , they set fire to tires on the main road and caused pandemonium .Thereafter arriving at the by- road , and at Mirijjawala where the function was held , they started pelting  stones and missiles when the  police using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the group . The IGP  too arrived on  the scene .

In the photos are Namal and Dallas who too were showered with water cannons. It is most significant to note these politicos were most deliberately and openly violating the court order . Besides they came under the water cannon attack on purpose as though they had not bathed for years , and relished the water cannon spray  therefore. 

As a result of the attacks of the saboteurs and counter attacks , 23 individuals were hospitalized. Many of them were victims of the attack of the saboteurs who used stones and missiles. A large number among the  victims were officers of the security divisions including an ASP , based on unofficial reports. 
52 suspects  were arrested for violation of the court order but strangely  not one  politico  named in the court directive was arrested. 

A most noteworthy feature of these  protests and sabotage efforts was , a majority of the parliamentarians representing  Hambantota  district  did not participate in those.That is Sajith Premadasa, Mahinda Amaraweera and  Dilip Hettiarachi were in support of this development scheme . Those who opposed were only Chamal Rajapakse and Namal Rajapakse who are noted for sabotaging anything done for the greater good of  the country . However Chamal was not there to stage  protests on  the road.  

Amidst these anti national sabotage activities of villains and scoundrels ,Minister Rajitha Senaratne who is noted for his fearlessness and outspokenness addressing the large crowds  said  in his  historic speech full of patriotic fervor that , the sale of lands to foreigners was prohibited not by Bandaranaikes or Rajapakses , but by him when  he was the minister of lands , and by Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government . He gave details  along with facts and figures of the thousands of acres of land sold outright to foreigners by Rajapakses earlier on. 

Rajitha also exposed  how in the past all development programs were opposed falsely and maliciously  , and later those were supported. He cited as examples the development programs until today  from the time of  Galoya scheme .

Rajitha Senaratne ‘s historic and eye opening speech is hereunder 

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