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Two hour battle in Chalai Sea; Sea Tiger leader Maran killed
(Lanka-e-News, March 30, 12.25 PM) Sri Lanka Navy Patrol Squadron repulsed an attack of the Sea Tigers yesterday (29) night. Four Sea Tiger boats were destroyed and 26 LTTE cadres were killed, said the Commander M. D. Karunarathna of Navy media unit.

Sea Tiger leader Maran was also killed in the battle.

Sri Lanka Navy Patrol Squadron in surveillance in Silawaththa and Chundikulam upper areas last night observed three boats. As the Navy was nearing them, the Sea Tiger cadres that were in it fired at the Navy boats. Navy retaliated with heavy armory destroying the three Tiger boats sinking all of them, said Commander Karunarathna.
In the meantime, another Sea Tiger craft arrived from Mullaithivu, Chalai side and fired at Navy. The latter destroyed that vessel as well, said Commander Karunarathna.

The battlle raged around two hours. One Navy personnel was killed and three others including an officer were injured.

Eavesdropping to LTTE communication verified that 26 LTTE cadres were killed including Sea Tiger leader Maran.
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